4.27.19 // NYC

Join the RUMBO Global Community on April 27

Location: Brooklyn STUDIO, New York CITY

10:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Networking Meet + Greet, Masterclass 1, Lunch Break, Masterclass 2, Styled Session + Editing, Community Building + Guest Speaker

Two masterclasses // one full day // one styled shoot

$350 per person, limited to 20 attendees this spring

One on One Tutorial Sessions in late April with Alvaro Sancha and David Griso

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The Narrative of Photography // Light, Color, EMOTION, EXPERIENCE

What should matter more- great images or a beautiful story? At RUMBO we believe we must have both. As photographers, we have a duty to reveal the world as it unfolds with images that are real and truthful. At the same time, a poorly shot photograph would hardly call much attention - the details of light, composition, color and editing all play a role in whether our photographs remain as markers in the lives of the people we photograph. It is the difference between being remembered and forgotten.

We must build a story with our images that when tied together create a beautiful narrative that transports us back to the moments when they were captured.

David Griso // Barcelona, Spain

I. Photography as a (Re)telling of Story and Memory - A deep dive on creating an emotional NARRATIVE in our images. One of the two most important factors in creating a visual and emotional experience for our clients. David teaches the RUMBO community about how to create photographs that follow the events of the day with the goal of creating a story that follows the photographs.

II. STYLED SHOOT - David’s techniques on posing and using light, shadow and color. You’ll learn from the perspective of the artist about how to create an energy that flows through the shoot and into the editing and narrative process.

III. Light and Color. David Griso guides us through the EDIT of how the elements of color, emotion and imagery come together to form a unique narrative. Without the correct image, we find ourselves with very little. But when edited for a mood that is intentional, we can transmit a powerful and moving experience.

David’s keynote will cover the following topics-

1: Bringing the story to life.

2: The narrative of photography.

3: The comparative advantage of being “one” with your camera.

4: Style, color and presence in our photography.

5: The principle and overarching end goal of creating an experience for the client.


Building a Visual Culture // Masterclass

Just as important as the quality of our photography is creating an ECOSYSTEM that is a living and breathing representation of our work and values. At RUMBO we call this a VISUAL CULTURE. Images, moods, tones, photographs and stories that speak to who we are and resist who we are not. One step at a time, we can graphically build our identities in a sustainable way that can stand the test of time and the trendiness of the market.

We can do the above as we search of equilibrium, efficiency and sustainability in our own practices and workflows.

Alvaro Sancha // Madrid, Spain

I. Creating a Visual Culture. Finding the EQUILIBRIUM in our identity, philosophies and personal style. How creating a visual culture can mean clients that love you for you. Alvaro takes us through building a concrete visual culture of our work using our own experiences and identities.

II. Flow: Tools and practices to optimize your work. Your time is valuable - Learn from Alvaro's WORKFLOW from shoot to delivery. Create client excitement around your work with each deadline and deliverable.

III. SEO: Making the web and Google work for you. How to optimize to place best in search engines using images, blog posts and key content to move your work across strategically selected channels.Do you use Wordpress?

We’re pysched to meet you as a founding member of our community.

Let’s live. Let’s love. Let’s RUMBO!